Morning Copy 2017
June 21st - Market Close Edition [5:46pm]
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AI Hedge Fund Goes Live On Ethereum
via medium.com

A spy satellite buzzed the space station, and no one knows why
via arstechnica.com

Quantum computing for everyone, a programmer's perspective
via ibm.com

The Backflipping Noodle and AI Safety
via theverge.com

Artist Fixes Damaged Objects By Placing Them in Beehives
via vice.com

Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement
via house.gov

Researchers image quasiparticles
via iastate.edu

Google Plans to Demonstrate the Supremacy of Quantum Computing
via ieee.org

Supreme Court Says Phones Can't Be Searched Without a Warrant
via nytimes.com

Wow! signal in 1977 came from comets
via dailysabah.com

A peek under Bitcoin's hood
via samlewis.me

50 Dimensional Face Space
via nytimes.com

History of GIF, From Early Net Innovation to Ubiquitous Relic
via smithsonianmag.com

Sugar-Breathing Glycopolymersomes for Regulating Glucose Level
via acs.org

Physicists Directly Observe Hydrogen Bonds in Single Molecule
via sci-news.com

The MP3 Is Officially Dead, According To Its Creators
via npr.org

Direct Counterfactual Quantum Communication Achieved
via sciencealert.com

Pink Trombone
via dood.al

via theoatmeal.com

CULedger - The Credit Union Blockchain
via coindesk.com

CRISPR Pill May Be Key in Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance
via singularityhub.com

The Lost History of Boilerplate
via ameripics.wordpress.com

The Boring Company
via boringcompany.com

Aura - the security box that can see through walls
via cbc.ca

Consciousness as a State of Matter
via arxiv.org

Wikitribune is Jimmy Wales' attempt to wage war on fake news
via arstechnica.com

Lyrebird: copy the voice of anyone
via lyrebird.ai

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