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June 10th - Morning Edition [10:47am]
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via elpais.com

Hero Rat Magawa Is Retiring
via npr.org

Separate music tracks using machine learning
via melody.ml

Russia Is Scheduling a Nuclear-Powered Spacecraft
via sciencealert.com

Paralysed man uses mindwriting to compose sentences
via amp.theguardian.com

Ingenuity's Flight Control and Aerodynamic Performance
via mars.nasa.gov

Artificial Intelligence Develops an Ear for Birdsong
via scientificamerican.com

New Google effort uses cellphones to detect earthquakes
via sciencemag.org

NASA's Perseverance rover makes oxygen on Mars
via space.com

Fungus turns wood piezoelectric allowing it to power LEDs
via physicsworld.com

Monkey is plays Pong with its mind
via theverge.com

AI Software Creates "New" Nirvana Song
via consequenceofsound.net

Scientists grow embryos in an artificial womb
via thehill.com

AI will generate enough wealth to pay each adult $13,500 a year
via cnbc.com

A Hacker Got All My Texts for $16
via vice.com

Programmable optical quantum computer
via arstechnica.com

The Adams Transitional Geomagnetic Event
via scitechdaily.com

Transparent Wood
via cbc.ca

Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais
via bigthink.com

The Secret Bipartisan Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election
via time.com

"He's a happy monkey"
via bloomberg.com

Memristors in Neural Networks
via spectrum.ieee.org

How Reddit's WallStreetBets Pushed GME Shares to the Moon
via bloomberg.com

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