Morning Copy 2019
July 20th - Weekend Edition [7:01pm]
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FSB Hacked: 'Largest Data Breach In Its History'
via forbes.com

Commonsense American
via commonsenseamerican.org

The smartest piece of glass in the world
via newscientist.com

So money - much wow!
via forbes.com

via quantamagazine.org

Green light for Waymo to pick up passengers in self-driving cars
via theverge.com

Richard Dolan Analyzes the Admiral Wilson Leak
via richarddolanmembers.com

Michael Chabon is Picard's Showrunner
via comicbook.com

reCaptcha v3
via fastcompany.com

Type A blood converted to universal donor blood
via sciencemag.org

via sciencemag.org

Should You Love Your Enemies?
via intelligencesquaredus.org

A People Map of the US
via pudding.cool

Sonic black holes produce "Hawking radiation"
via arstechnica.com

SR-71 Flight Manual
via sr-71.org

Send Your Name to Mars
via nasa.gov

via newscientist.com

Hudson Yards
via nytimes.com

Google Fights Back
via stratechery.com

Could quantum mechanics explain the existence of space-time?
via astronomy.com

Senator announces bill to ban manipulative video game design
via thehill.com

Trump is trolling us again, so stop falling for it
via stamfordadvocate.com

Ayahuasca found in 1,000-year-old shamanic pouch
via nationalgeographic.com

Ancient Neutron Star Crash Showered Our Solar System in Gold
via livescience.com

AI Evolved These Creepy Images to Please a Monkey's Brain
via theatlantic.com

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