Morning Copy 2023
September 8th - Wee Hours Edition [5:08am]
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The Other Ocean Floor
via sciencealert.com

Two Entangled Light Particles in Real-Time
via space.com

Chedder Man's (Great)^300 Grandson
via x.com

Mathematical Rule Behind Distribution of Neurons in Our Brains
via scitechdaily.com

Huygens-Steiner Theorem - A New Take on Light
via iflscience.com

Why humans can't use NLP to speak with the animals
via engadget.com

93% accuracy in detecting keystrokes over Zoom audio
via arstechnica.com

Fourth Dimensional Metamaterial
via scitechdaily.com

Pause Random Superconductor Experiments
via futureofliff.org

Accidental Geoengineering
via x.com

Supercapacitor from Ancient Materials
via mit.edu

The Dark Side of the Moon Redux
via youtube.com

RFK Jr. Announces Plan to Back Dollar With Bitcoin
via thestreet.com

Tracking GPT Performance Variability
via fortune.com

AI detectors think US Constitution was written by AI
via arstechnica.com

Announcing xAI
via x.ai

Google Calendar now allows paid appointments
via techcrunch.com

Is Math Real?
via bigthink.com

Antenna for Nanoscale Light Sources
via phys.org

Akkadian Translation with AI
via decrypt.co

Correcting the Record about RFK Jr.'s 'Deadly Immunity'
via jeremyrhammond.com

Vanishing Jennie
via jonathanturley.org

Area 52 @ Lake Michigan
via usni.org

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