Morning Copy 2021
December 7th - Noon Edition [12:22pm]
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Building Human-Robot Relationships Through Music and Dance
via spectrum.ieee.org

via youtube.com

Endless Creation Out of Nothing
via scientificamerican.com

Are We on the Verge of Chatting with Whales?
via hakaimagazine.com

Our solar system may exist inside a giant magnetic tunnel
via cbc.ca

Strange radio waves from the heart of the Milky Way
via cnn.com

via marktechpost.com

Scientists Grew Stem Cell 'Mini Brains' with Eyes
via sciencealert.com

Billboard Ads in Space
via futurism.com

Google makes time crystals?
via thenextweb.com

Tatsuya Tanaka's Miniature Dioramas
via digitalsynopsis.com

Borg DNA Seems to Assimilate Genes From Different Organisms
via sciencealert.com

A New Drug Successfully Killed Breast Cancer Cells in Mice
via interestingengineering.com

Melanie Mitchell Trains AI to Think With Analogies
via quantamagazine.org

The worst volume control UI in the world
via uxdesign.cc

Harvard-MIT Quantum Computing Breakthrough
via scitechdaily.com

CRISPR Gene Therapy Could Be a 'One and Done' Injection
via singularityhub.com

New tool estimates your immune age predicts risk of disease
via livescience.com

Mayflower 400 Autonomous Ship
via mas400.com

Volcanoes to Power Bitcoin Mining in El Salvador
via freethink.com

Brain Implant Automatically Detects and Kills Pain in Real Time
via singularityhub.com

Playmobil USS Enterprise playset
via thetrekcollective.com

CRISPR injected into the blood treats a genetic disease
via sciencemag.org

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