Morning Copy 2018
June 16th - Weekend Edition [8:59pm]
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Two stars will merge in 2022 and explode into red fury
via astronomy.com

CO2 -> C8H18
via cnbc.com

Deep Video Portraits
via futurism.com

State of the Union
via smbc-comics.com

Bullshit Jobs, A Theory
via wired.co.uk

Judea Pearl
via theatlantic.com

via boingboing.net

Dolphins Are Helping Us Hunt for Aliens
via nautil.us

Google Duplex: An AI for Real-World Tasks Over the Phone
via ai.googleblog.com

The case against dark matter
via astronomy.com

The Gambler Who Cracked the Horse-Racing Code
via bloomberg.com

via cointelegraph.com

Cells Talk in a Language That Looks Like Viruses
via quantamagazine.org

NPR Acquires Pocket Casts
via npr.org

Goldman Sachs to Open a Bitcoin Trading Operation
via nytimes.com

Powering an RV with Solar Energy and a Tesla Battery
via cleantechnica.com

Jaron Lanier - What Went Wrong with the Internet
via nymag.com

The Fraudulent Claims Made By IBM About Watson and AI
via rogerschank.com

$140 Million in Bitcoin Moved from Mt.Gox Wallet This Morning
via ccn.com

Terms of Service - Didn't Read
via tosdr.org

16,016 Sounds from the BBC
via bbc.co.uk

Talk to Books
via books.google.com

Ancient protoplanet diamonds fell to Earth about 10 years ago
via latimes.com

Hackers steal casino database through fish tank thermometer
via businessinsider.com

Peptide-based biogenic dental product may cure cavities
via washington.edu

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