Morning Copy 2020
June 28th - Morning Edition [10:34am]
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The Media Manipulation is Real
via medium.com

BirdNET - The easiest way to identify birds by sound
via birdnet.cornell.edu

BlueLeaks Exposes Files from Hundreds of Police Departments
via krebsonsecurity.com

Boston Dynamics' Spot 2.0
via spectrum.ieee.org

Craig Wright Apparently Just Admitted to Hacking Mt. Gox
via cointelegraph.com

Blood group type may affect susceptibility to COVID-19
via news-medical.net

Synthetic red blood cells mimic natural ones and have new abilities
via acs.org

The History and Future of Telescopes on the Moon
via astronomy.com

Cosmological Multipoles
via phys.org

Why this photo is bricking some Android phones
via bbc.com

StrandHogg 2.0 - Malware can assume identity of any app
via nakedsecurity.sophos.com

The future of AI -- Neuromorphic Computing
via towardsdatascience.com

Coronavirus May Be a Vascular Disease Which Explains Everything
via elemental.medium.com

Acapella Extractor
via acapella-extractor.com

Russia Proposes Law That Criminalizes Buying Bitcoin
via news.bitcoin.com

Bitcoin mined in 2009 moves for the first time
via thenextweb.com

via thedrive.com

AI-Powered Biotech Can Help Deploy a Vaccine In Record Time
via wired.com

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drops by 6% After Halving
via coindesk.com

Game-changing blood test accurately detects Alzheimer's disease
via mcgill.ca

Scientist bakes sourdough bread with 4500-year-old yeast
via cbsnews.com

Milestone Evidence for Anyons a Third Kingdom of Particles
via quantamagazine.org

New Recipe for Single-Atom Transistors
via scitechdaily.com

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