Morning Copy 2020
September 30th - Noon Edition [4:16pm]
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A Warrior's Lost Toolkit and the Oldest Known Battle in Europe
via smithsonianmag.com

Microsoft acquires exclusive license for GPT-3
via businessinsider.in

These weird unsettling photos show that AI is getting smarter
via technologyreview.com

SARS-CoV-2 Spike Primed by Cellular Heparin Sulfate to Bind ACE2
via genengnews.com

New design principles for spin-based quantum materials
via phys.org

Luther.AI - Google for personal conversations
via techcrunch.com

Unusual Features of the SARS-CoV-2 Genome
via zenodo.org

Possible Marker of Life Spotted on Venus
via eso.org

Turning Bricks Into Supercapacitors
via spectrum.ieee.org

QAnon Key Figure Revealed
via logically.ai

Are the aliens us? UFOs may be piloted by time-traveling humans
via space.com

Transitional AI
via venturebeat.com

Honeybee venom rapidly kills aggressive breast cancer cells
via abc.net.au

The Bradykinin Hypothesis (explaining COVID-19)
via elemental.medium.com

Oregon State University's NuScale nuclear reactor
via arstechnica.com

Move.ai enables AI motion capture without the hassle
via venturebeat.com

Using Soap Bubbles To Pollinate Flowers
via smithsonianmag.com

Create a Bookmark That Jumps to Specific Text on a Website
via lifehacker.com

via technologyreview.com

Dr. Li Meng-Yan
via google.com

AI-Generated Text Is the Scariest Deepfake of All
via wired.com

Photonic TPUs Enable Complex Artificial Intelligence
via scitechdaily.com

Pluto's dark side spills its secrets
via nature.com

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