Morning Copy 2020
August 6th - Noon Edition [1:13pm]
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Dr. Li Meng-Yan
via google.com

AI-Generated Text Is the Scariest Deepfake of All
via wired.com

Photonic TPUs Enable Complex Artificial Intelligence
via scitechdaily.com

Pluto's dark side spills its secrets
via nature.com

GPT-3 (Conversation with an Open AI Chat Bot)
via twitter.com

KFC to use 3D bioprinting to produce chicken nuggets
via global.kfc.com

Syrian Regime Troops Captured A Black Hornet Nano Spy Drone
via thedrive.com

U.S. Digital Service Academy
via onezero.medium.com

Tabletop Quantum Experiment Could Detect Gravitational Waves
via scitechdaily.com

Scientists have discovered a new physical paradox
via phys.org

4 mysterious radio circles spotted in deep space
via livescience.com

A Letter on Justice and Open Debate
via harpers.org

Astronomers have found the source of life in the universe
via inverse.com

The Media Manipulation is Real
via medium.com

BirdNET - The easiest way to identify birds by sound
via birdnet.cornell.edu

BlueLeaks Exposes Files from Hundreds of Police Departments
via krebsonsecurity.com

Boston Dynamics' Spot 2.0
via spectrum.ieee.org

Craig Wright Apparently Just Admitted to Hacking Mt. Gox
via cointelegraph.com

Blood group type may affect susceptibility to COVID-19
via news-medical.net

Synthetic red blood cells mimic natural ones and have new abilities
via acs.org

The History and Future of Telescopes on the Moon
via astronomy.com

Cosmological Multipoles
via phys.org

Why this photo is bricking some Android phones
via bbc.com

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