Morning Copy 2022
June 12th - Evening Edition [10:32pm]
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DALL·E mini
via huggingface.co

LaMDA and Blake Lemoine

Super-Absorbent Gel Pulls Fresh Water Out of Thin Air
via gizmodo.com

Google Glass' successor teased at I/O
via techcrunch.com

Artbreeder does Harry Potter
via cbr.com

Scott Ritter: Twitter Wars
via scheerpost.com

DALL·E: Creating Images from Text
via openai.com

via theverge.com

Lessmilk Game: Almost Pong
via lessmilk.com

Broad prevails in crucial ruling over CRISPR licensing
via bostonglobe.com

Circuit generates clean, limitless power from graphene
via thebrighterside.news

Where Is Webb?
via jwst.nasa.gov

How to Build a Better Metaverse
via wired.com

Our Species May Be Even Older Than We Realized
via sciencealert.com

Tuning the Bonds of Paired Quantum Particles
via scitechdaily.com

The Topography of Tears
via rose-lynnfisher.com

Philip Rosedale's High Fidelity cuts deal with Linden Lab
via venturebeat.com

Is Space Pixelated? The Quest for Quantum Gravity
via scitechdaily.com

Transistor Nanotubes
via scitechdaily.com

via designboom.com

I wrote the book on warp drive. We didn't make a warp bubble
via bigthink.com

Human brain cells in a dish can learn to play Pong faster than an AI
via newscientist.com

Group of Monkeys Kill Over 250 Dogs for 'Revenge' in Indian Town
via newsweek.com

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