Morning Copy 2020
January 14th - Noon Edition [1:46pm]
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Scientists use stem cells from frogs to build living robots
via theguardian.com

African Grey Parrots Spontaneously Lend a Wing
via eurekalert.org

Archaeologists Find Megalithic Lightning Rod in Scotland
via syfy.com

2019 Is a Year the News Media Would Rather Forget
via rollingstone.com

Cambridge Analytica leak shows massive global manipulation
via theguardian.com

Cerebras' Giant Chip will smash Deep Learning's Speed Barrier
via spectrum.ieee.org

The President And The Mole People
via historydaily.org

Marijuana laws appear to reduce prescription opioid use
via sciencedirect.com

Stellar Engine Could Move the Entire Solar System
via in.mashable.com

Progress Cracking the 'Three Body Problem'
via sciencealert.com

Viruses Build 'Safe Rooms' to Shield Genomes from CRISPR
via ucsf.edu

My Business Card Runs Linux
via thirtythreeforty.net

Microdosing LSD for Alzheimer's Patients
via newatlas.com

Scientists Print Functional Human "Mini-Livers"
via futurism.com

The world's first 3D-printed houses are now complete
via fastcompany.com

IBM Research Creates New Battery That Outperforms Lithium-Ion
via gizmodo.com

The NuScale Compact Nuclear Reactor
via www.popularmechanics.com

Navy UFO Patents Granted By Warning of Similar Chinese Tech
via thedrive.com

Someone is putting tiny cowboy hats on pigeons
via fox32chicago.com

via monkeon.co.uk

Quantum Encryptor: 1,000 Times Smaller
via sciencealert.com

Training algorithms on copyrighted data not illegal
via towardsdatascience.com

Living Skin Can Now be 3D-Printed With Blood Vessels Included
via news.rpi.edu

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