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IPFS Gateway - Cloudflare goes InterPlanetary
via cloudflare.com

Implantable device aids weight loss
via engr.wisc.edu

Dementia symptoms reversed in mice
via abc.net.au

New cervical cancer test has 100 per cent detection rate
via qmul.ac.uk

The Hippies Were Right: It's All about Vibrations, Man!
via scientificamerican.com

DeepMind's AlphaZero beats chess and shogi game engines
via venturebeat.com

Google's DeepMind aces protein folding
via sciencemag.org

via newssniffer.co.uk

SpaceX Starship
via bbc.com

"Schrödinger's Bacterium" Could Be a Quantum Biology Milestone
via scientificamerican.com

Is a Spreadsheet's Creator Liable for Allegations It Contains?
via theatlantic.com

IBM's Summit (2.4 million cores - 143,500 TFlops)
via teslarati.com

Second Decade Dawns
via qz.com

Portrait of Edmond Belamy of La Famille de Belamy
via obvious-art.com

via ifixit.org

Radio Waves from the Milky Way Reflect off of the Moon
via eurekalert.org

EU phone makers will have to pay for GSuite
via gizmodo.com

The Good Censor
via breitbart.com

Trevor Paglen: Orbital Reflector
via youtube.com

Jeff Hawkins Is Finally Ready to Explain His Brain Research
via nytimes.com

via mixnode.com

The Big Hack
via bloomberg.com

The Goblin
via theguardian.com

Opportunity Atlas
via opportunityatlas.org

Storing Information in a Single Atom
via phys.org

Gaia detects a shake in the Milky Way
via eurekalert.org

Odor-sensing protein spurs hair growth
via acs.org

Why Science Fiction is the Most Important Genre
via wired.com

World's Oldest Blockchain Has Been Hiding in the NYT Since 1995
via vice.com

As Google Maps Renames Neighborhoods, Residents Fume
via nytimes.com

US invaded by tick that sucks animals dry, spawns without mating
via arstechnica.com

AI finds overlooked figures and writes draft articles about them
via theverge.com

SIMP J01365663+0933473
via independent.co.uk

How Does Mastodon Work?
via kevq.uk

Neural network implemented with light instead of electrons
via arstechnica.com

Apple To Turn Terry Gilliam's 'Time Bandits' Into TV Series
via deadline.com

China Plans To Capture An Asteroid And Bring It Down To Earth
via techtimes.com

'Deadwood' Movie Gets Greenlight at HBO
via variety.com

Liquid water 'lake' revealed on Mars
via bbc.co.uk

Election software maker allowed remote access on systems
via theverge.com

Scientists find drug that restores mice's ability to walk
via xinhuanet.com

DARPA Plans a Major Remake of U.S. Electronics
via ieee.org

The Twitch Streamers Who Spend Years Broadcasting To No One
via theverge.com

YouTube Debuts Plan to Promote and Fund Authoritative News
via wired.com

Cody Wilson, Defense Distributed, and DefCAD
via wired.com

N. Queensland wipes out over 80% of disease-carrying mosquitoes
via cnn.com

Experience relativity in Virtual Reality
via captaineinstein.org

All these worlds are yours except Europa
via arstechnica.com

Articles 11 & 13 sent back to the drawing board (for now)
via theverge.com

Amazon may send holiday toy catalogs in the mail
via engadget.com

Solid: Sir Tim's Fix for the Web
via vanityfair.com

The U.S. FART Act
via nymag.com

Starfish make comeback after mysterious syndrome killed millions
via cbsnews.com

Google City, Toronto
via politico.com

William Camper - Hot Chicken Takeover
via politico.com

Memristive crypto primitive for unclonable functions
via nature.com

DARPA Aims to Craft Silicon Compiler
via eetimes.com

UV Bacteria-Killing Robot Cleans Hospital Rooms
via interestingengineering.com

The amazing return of the starfish
via theguardian.com

Two stars will merge in 2022 and explode into red fury
via astronomy.com

CO2 -> C8H18
via cnbc.com

Deep Video Portraits
via futurism.com

State of the Union
via smbc-comics.com

Bullshit Jobs, A Theory
via wired.co.uk

Judea Pearl
via theatlantic.com

via boingboing.net

Dolphins Are Helping Us Hunt for Aliens
via nautil.us

Google Duplex: An AI for Real-World Tasks Over the Phone
via ai.googleblog.com

The case against dark matter
via astronomy.com

The Gambler Who Cracked the Horse-Racing Code
via bloomberg.com

via cointelegraph.com

Cells Talk in a Language That Looks Like Viruses
via quantamagazine.org

NPR Acquires Pocket Casts
via npr.org

Goldman Sachs to Open a Bitcoin Trading Operation
via nytimes.com

Powering an RV with Solar Energy and a Tesla Battery
via cleantechnica.com

Jaron Lanier - What Went Wrong with the Internet
via nymag.com

The Fraudulent Claims Made By IBM About Watson and AI
via rogerschank.com

$140 Million in Bitcoin Moved from Mt.Gox Wallet This Morning
via ccn.com

Terms of Service - Didn't Read
via tosdr.org

16,016 Sounds from the BBC
via bbc.co.uk

Talk to Books
via books.google.com

Ancient protoplanet diamonds fell to Earth about 10 years ago
via latimes.com

Hackers steal casino database through fish tank thermometer
via businessinsider.com

Peptide-based biogenic dental product may cure cavities
via washington.edu

Carbon Fiber Mandrel for Elon's BFR
via spexcast.com

RSS is Undead
via techcrunch.com

via space.com

Tiny cameras under a millimeter wide and powered by light
via techcrunch.com

Andrew Yang Wants You To Vote For Basic Income In 2020
via fastcompany.com

Galaxy seems to lack dark matter, stumping astronomers
via arstechnica.com

My Cow Game Extracted Your Facebook Data
via theatlantic.com

The NSA worked to "track down" Bitcoin users
via theintercept.com

Photographer Recreates Famous Portraits With John Malkovich
via designyoutrust.com

The Multiworse Is Coming
via backreaction.blogspot.com

Sierra Leone just ran the first blockchain-based election
via techcrunch.com

Cora 2021 New Zealand launch plan
via electrek.co

via variety.com

Air-breathing Ion Thruster
via esa.int

via techcrunch.com

A 'Brief' History of Game AI Up To AlphaGo
via andreykurenkov.com

AI -vs- Lawyers
via lawgeex.com

Where is Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster?
via whereisroadster.com

New antibiotic family discovered in dirt
via bbc.com

Lessons from Optics, The Other Deep Learning
via argmin.net

Ready .. Set .. Preprint !!
via theatlantic.com

Scientists accidentally proved the self is an illusion
via qz.com

Software Unveils a New Source for 11 of Shakespeare's Plays
via nytimes.com

Wearables, AI Used to Detect Diabetes in One's Heart Rate
via mhealthintelligence.com

The First Web
via cern.ch

The 'King of Kong' could be stripped of his high score
via engadget.com

John Hennessy is the new Eric Schmidt
via ieee.org

Cancer 'vaccine' eliminates tumors in mice
via stanford.edu

The Benefits of Building an Artificial Brain
via ieee.org

The Follower Factory
via nytimes.com

ICE to start tracking license plates across the US
via theverge.com

NASA's Long Dead IMAGE Satellite is Alive!
via skyriddles.wordpress.com/

Inside Amazon Go
via nytimes.com

Programming Notes for Professionals
via goalkicker.com

Meteorite Found in the Sahara Is Older Than Our Solar System
via outerplaces.com

Protect against the major 'Meltdown' CPU security flaw
via theverge.com

Psychedelic stickers blow AI minds
via techcrunch.com

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